What is Service Learning?

Early school intervention

#1 Service-learning uses community service as the vehicle for the attainment of students‘ academic goals and objectives.

#2 Community service fills a need in the community through volunteer efforts. Provides students with opportunities to use newly acquired skills and knowledge in real-life situations.

#3 It identifies in advance, and tracks, specific learning objectives and goals (as well as the intangible ones).

#4 Students perform a valuable, significant, and necessary service which has real consequence to the community.

#5 The goal of the service is to empower students and those being served.

#6 The needs of the community dictate the service being provided.

Benefits of Service Learning:

– Increases relevancy of education to students ’living in a real world’

– Enhances personalized education for students

– Teaches positive values, leadership, citizenship and personal responsibility

– Empowers students as learners, teachers, achievers and leaders

– Invites students to become members of their own community

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