University of North Florida Host Site for Urban Policy Debate Championship

Jacksonville, FL – The Duval Urban Debate League (DUDL), a public-private partnership, will have its first An up and coming debate superstar!Invitational Citywide Debate Championship on Saturday April 24, 2010 at the University of North Florida, Brookes Building #39. This historical event marks the first official policy debate tournament in Jacksonville. After a full year of intense academic instruction, over 20 teams from five local middle schools will have the opportunity to examine issues affecting their lives and their communities.

Created to enrich the academic experience for Duval County Public Schools’ students through debate, the Duval UDL is especially interested in students with untapped potential, who are disengaged from the contemporary classroom setting.  Although debate is not an entirely new phenomenon,  it is a powerful venue to encourage critical thinking, confidence, personal expression and tolerance for the opinions of others among our youth.

“Our young debaters can’t seem to surprise me enough! Their confidence, performance, and passion for speech and policy debate is a clear indication that Jacksonville will deliver national contenders in a few years. This last event was a tremendous showing for what’s in store when you raise the expectations and provide students with variants in learning,” said Jermyn Shannon El, DUDL Developer.

More information about the event, click here >

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