Tips on running a quality debate tournament




All Day Take Pictures
All Day Talk to Teachers /Lead Press Around Informal check-ins, find out how things are going and address emergency issues as they come
7:30-10:00am Set-up Registration Coaches, Judges, Volunteers, Students, Parents

Sign in, did they get postcard? Fill out info form at school or online? Then handout schedule, offer donuts, provide room [X] assignments

8:00-8:45am Judge Training Volunteer judges must Register/RSVP to Judge during the debate. Back ups are welcome.
Before each round begins Help Start Rounds on Time – Check Room Use room list—make sure all the rooms are open for debates. Be polite—make sure judges have their ballots, give them 5 to 2 minute warnings
Before each round begins Post Copies of Pairings Put copies of pairings for each round up on each floor where there are debates (i.e.,  cafeteria)
9:00-10:00am Opening Assembly Keynote speaker, introduction and assignments
Round #1
Round #2
Morning debate rounds will take place back to back so please be sure to register on time!
12:10-1:00pm Prep & Serve Lunch Volunteers – Main Cafeteria – Set out cups, napkins (not more than half), food, beverages, coffee, and condiments
1:10-2:10pm Final Round #3
After each round Run Ballots
All debaters return to the main auditorium/registration hall
Organize tabs and add up points
Closing ceremony
1:00-2:30pm Lunch food cleanup
2:10-3:00pm Closing – Present Awards Set out all certificates or trophies, put up DUDL poster in front of stage / See separate sheet on “DUDL Awards Assembly
3:00-3:30pm Q/A
3:30-4:00pm Pack up Materials Use checklist to make sure EVERYTHING is clean, load up travel vans designate two people responsible for holding keys)
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