Steps to start up a debate league at your schools

Help Us Start a Debate League in Your District!

Urban debate leagues are making a difference in the lives of students all across the nation. We welcome the opportunity to bring more schools into our network, and want to make sure that new debaters are well informed about the program and the commitment necessary to be a successful, competitive debater.  To that extent, we welcome you to follow the steps below to learn more about our program and the pathway to starting a debate league at your school.

  1. Read through the website to learn more about our history, the philosophy that drives the design, and the distinguishing elements that make up a successful Urban Debate League.
  2. Visit an existing school. Check out to find a school near you. Download and complete this form to request the New School Development Pack and email or fax it to us at 866-899-4886 to arrange a site visit so you can see a school in action and talk with the students and staff in person.
  3. Attend an Urban Debate signature event. Check out the events page to see what upcoming events are available that might suit your exploration needs.
  4. Contact our Administrative Staff to get additional information or to take the next step in joining our family of Urban Debate Leagues.

Upon notice of your interest to start a debate program, our administration will help you build public and private sector support. Our seasoned team understand the dynamic nature of underserved communities, the long term strategies required for successful implementation, and the special needs of our stakeholders.

The following strengths distinguish our management team:

  1. Balanced team with complimentary knowledge and expertise
  2. Long-term investment mindset
  3. High passion for social change
  4. Experience in management through difficult times
  5. Ability to leverage and include community stakeholders
  6. Fundraising expertise
  7. Advisory board experience
  8. Ability to introduce funds to potential syndicate partners
  9. Strong accounting and reporting systems
  10. Industry leadership

Identifying and capitalizing on the best opportunities in underserved markets requires a comprehensive recruitment and investment strategy and a wealth of value-added capabilities. We work diligently to fulfill school district strategic plans and benchmarks, open debate for ALL students, and to maximize your schools return on investment.

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