Summer Debate

Davon and David - Butler Middle's Debate Champs
Debate is the #1 program to increase literacy and conduct for African-American males.

The Summer Debate Institute is geared toward teaching students the fundamentals of debate. The camp will teach students how to structure an argument, write a case, research evidence, write rebuttal briefs, deliver a speech, and refute the other team.  Students will be invited to join two of three Tracks based on their debate experience. The program is developed to help novice and varsity debaters/coaches gain the confidence they need to succeed in competitive debate at any level. Register Now!

Introduction to Debate

This first session is a perfect way to introduce students to the world of debate. Learn how to give a great public speech, organize ideas, write a case, research, write, and much more.

Small Group Learning & Practical Application

The Summer Debate Institute challenges students to embrace new forms of research on diverse topics in an online and offline, collaborative environment. Immediately following each virtual debate session on the world wide web, students convene at camp to apply their research and materials to a relative, local issue they strongly advocate. For example, after a lecture on evidence and statistics students will meet in small groups and be challenged to find flaws in the statistics presented. Through instructor guidance, debaters come up with winning strategic moves that they can use to build their case for future debates. Through these exercises, we have witnessed the growth of many debaters.

Skills Development:

Students will learn how to:
* Structure an Argument
* Back an Argument with Evidence
* Research Evidence
* Write a Persuasive Case
* Draft Rebuttal Briefs
* Deliver a Winning Speech
* Refute the Other Team
* Take Notes During a Debate
* Cross Examine Their Opponents

Practice, Practice, Practice

Debaters will have the opportunity to have practice debates and receive lengthy feedback on how to improve and then deliver speech redos the following day. We watch all debaters carefully, drafting copious notes for improvement in each debater’s notebook, and then challenge the debaters to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Our aim is to see a progression of improvement by the time each debater leaves the institute.

Topic Lectures & Strategies

Our expert debate staff will teach students the art of refutation. From detailed lesson plans on effective delivery to proper rebuttal, your student will take home a wealth of knowledge on how to successfully debate.


TBA. Our attempt is to keep most camps centrally located near the Turnaround Schools in Duval County. We also strive to leverage mini-camps throughout Summer to expand training, such as the University of North Florida, which offers a beautiful location for students to be exposed to college life. We will have the time frame narrowed down and posted within a few weeks.


Debate will be paid for by a scholarship offered through each participating school and the Duval County Public Schools. Each school’s Principal and/or onsite debate coach can provide details. For immediate information, please call (904) 962-7284 or email,


To register and submit your online Summer Debate Camp application now, click here.  If you receive an application at school, please be sure to submit the complete application provided by your school. If you would like to recommend a child to learn debate click here, and we will contact you for proper placement. We have limited space and we will fill all positions by August 1st. Contact your local school administrator with any questions or concerns or you may email us at info[at]

We are always in need of Volunteers and Parent Boosters!

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