Our Program

“Debate is about Creative Disagreement and Strategic Communication”
– Alfred Charles Snyder, Debate Coach at the World Debate Institute


Civic and business leaders in Jacksonville recently added DUDL to a long list of urban debate leagues.  Over 150 students will learn policy debate and compete in the 2009-2010 school year.

The Duval Urban Debate League introduces a unique program that is structured around  engaging students and coaches in year round online collaboration and service-learning projects. Our lesson plans are designed to enhance debate course work inside and outside of the classroom with transparency for parents and students to research and access information.
The curriculum also advocates public awareness concerning critical issues in the community through educational, public debate forums. We encourage debaters to leverage different forms of creative expression that reinforce independent study in literacy, health, math, government, social studies, history and science.

This approach creates a 360 LearningTM experience that invigorates independent study and results in short and long term academic achievement.  The rigorous curriculum is supported by digital literacy, teen entrepreneurship and collaboration tools to reduce cost and space while preparing youth for 21st century education.


When Jerrell Baker started coaching debate over four years ago he had know idea where the journey would take him. Now a seasoned veteran, his resume keeps growing and growing.  Jerrell is a major source of influence in the lives of many new and experienced debaters across the country, including Whitley, the first African American invited to the All-American Debate Tournament of Champions (May 13, 2009).


DUDL was founded because competitive debate gives debaters real world experience in addressing social ills that affect their communities. As well, debaters are prepped to pass standardize grade and college placement test with a unique tutoring program that reinforce holistic learning.

We make it our responsibility to assure each debater achieves admissions to a college or university or starts his or her own business. Our dedication to each student creates a sense of community, economic development, care and sensitivity to personal issues, and a support system for debaters for the rest of their lives.

Many students in urban areas lack opportunities that are key to developing their intellect, confidence, and ambition. Students are left to themselves to find their own internal drive, never even made aware of what an enriched world awaits them. Through the development of an extensive education program, we develop global thinkers and create opportunities for success.


The DUDL hosts eight Saturday tournaments for our middle schools and  various public debate forums. Each debater competes in at least 3 individual debates at each tournament with each middle school debate lasting *40-60 minutes (click here for a sample of the order of speeches and time).

In addition to hosting local tournaments, DUDL provides logistical support and resources for our debaters to compete in local, regional and national tournaments. For most students, it is during these tournaments ranging from the city championship tournament to the national middle school tournament (both held next year in Jacksonville) to prestigious national invitationals at Princeton, Yale, Harvard and Emory universities that the possibilities of higher education are realized.

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