New Town Success Zone may help DUDL’s development

Northside residents are poised to finally get a break at the new developments taking place in Jacksonville, Florida.  A community model from Harlem, the long term project will focus on economic development, community housing and park improvements, and new education programs.

As reported in, last month:

The idea behind the New Town Success Zone is to help at-risk youths and their families receive services from pre-school to high school that can help them improve their circumstances and their chances for success in life – and improve the area along with it.

As part of that effort to improve quality of life, youths and their families would benefit immensely from having more job opportunities and shopping options that are nearer to them.

And that’s where Beaver Street – arguably the area’s closest thing to a main street – could come in.

DUDL is seeking community partners to infuse debate in schools and various afterschool programs, suchs as TeamUp, at area schools like Eugene Butler Middle.

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