Duval UDL starts virtual debates on DebateHall.com

The DUDL, along with Harvard Debate, PlanetDebate.com, and Damien High School members, will be among the very first high school associations to be included in our beta period of content development, which will allow members to post public and private content. The latter will likely be the most ideal for academic purposes, but the full breadth of the platform is available to you and your students during our beta at no cost whatsoever. Beginning next week, privacy will be implemented within the Ask & Answer feature, and instructors and students will be able to conduct highly effective online video forums similar to the sample video forum images that are attached, as well as Head To Head debates .

This will be a wonderful opportunity for us to engage our Great Debaters in a virtual learning experience that is safe, secure, and specific to the rigorous academic instruction we are committed to providing.

To a brief moment to register your profile on Debatehall.com.

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