DUDL Fall Middle School Implementation 2009-2010

Combining expert knowledge with innovation, passion and determination, we identify the “point of impact” where debate can deliver its greatest educational and social return. Our investment in debate reclaims and transforms school districts and communities – driving academic achievement and improving lives — one student at a time.

Most debate leagues start off at the high school or college level.  However, and unprecedented development strategy is taking place in Jacksonville.  Research identifies the greatest challenge for youth education development occurs during the “transition period” from 8th grade to 9th grade.  We intend to measure the success of our efforts over the course of the first two years by examining the longitudinal impact on the urban community-at-large in Jacksonville, Florida. We believe debate will instill a high level of self-efficacy in active students who stick with the program.

The Duval Urban Debate League (DUDL) is seeking to kick off in the FALL of 2009 in eight to ten Middle Schools, including the “Turnaround Schools” within District V (City Council Districts 9 & 10).

Duval County Middle Schools
Cookman 8:10 – 3:10 > Feeds into Raines High School/Ribault
Gilbert 7:30 – 2:30 > Feeds into Andrew Jackson School
J W Johnson 8:10 – 3:10 > Feeds into Raines High School/Ribault
Kirby Smith 7:25 – 2:25 > Feeds into Andrew Jackson School
Landon 7:35 – 2:35 > Feeds into Ed White High School
LaVilla 8:10 – 3:10 > Feeds into Ed White High School
Paxon 8:15 – 3:15 > Feeds into Ed White High School/Lee/Raines
Jean Ribault 7:25 – 2:25 > Feeds into Ribault High School

in addition to:
Northwestern > Feeds into Andrew Jackson School/Ribault/Raines
Eugene Butler > Feeds into Andrew Jackson School/ Lee/Raines
Highlands > Feeds into Raines High School/Ribault

* Duval County Public Schools list of Board Members

* For the complete Feeder School breakdown, click here

Recruitment Strategy

DUDL offers an alternative model for identifying promising young people from less advantaged, urban environments.  Aligned with public high schools and other community organizations, administrators of DUDL evaluates community assets using a rigorous assessment process based on qualities such as leadership, teamwork, communication skills, and motivation – qualities that are as critical to successful navigation of undergraduate education as academic track records.

The most promising students are invited to accept a scholarship to a Summer Training and Leadership Institute accompanied by a small group of educators for comprehensive training in debate, service learning and civic engagement. Those who attend over the summer “qualify” to compete year round in local nd national tournaments, in addition they receive pre-collegiate training that builds individual and team skills. Debate serves as an essential social support system once students arrive at college.

Currently, DUDL is seeking partnerships with admissions officials from highly selective liberal arts colleges and statewide universities, offering a powerful means to augment the cultural and economic diversity of their institutions.

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