Digital Discussion: Take Your Class to the Internet

A major part of developing a strong curriculum in debate evolves through research over the internet and web publishing as a means of teaching and learning.  Students are responsible for researching and note taking key case studies and support material to build the quality of evidence they need to support their argument. Our League encourages the use of state of the art equipment and non-traditional strategies to engage and help youth build confidence through 21st century communication devices and methodologies, such as mobile phones and the use of Twitter and Facebook.

Many teachers have started to experiment with blogs. For some, a blog is an electronic notebook — one students can’t lose (or claim the dog ate). For others, it’s a forum where a class discussion can unfold 24/7. Either way, blogging can be a powerful educational tool. Suggestions for setting up a classroom blog follow. (Keep in mind that these ideas assume student access to computers and the Internet.)

Decide the Main Use for Your Blog

How you structure classroom blogs depends on their utility.  Here are various approaches:

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