1. How can DUDL help me grow as a debater?

The Duval UDL opens doors for students that no other program can. It encourages self-worth, confidence, critical thinking skills, not to mention opportunities to get involved in the community through service learning projects and speech and debate forums.

2. What is the purpose of Debate and how can it equip me outside of the debate world?

Debate training equips youth for future success. Former debaters are disproportionately represented among leaders in the media, the business word, the law, the academy, and the government. Nearly two out of three Members of the 104th U.S. Congress (1996-97) were former debaters.

3. What can DUDL offer me as a teacher?

As an educator and debate coach, not only will you earn Professional Development credit, but all coaches also receive up to $2,000 in stipends for annual participation. Debate reinforces a holistic education approach that empowers teachers to motivate and stimulate youth to the next level.

4. What does DUDL offer me as a high school student?

Debate prepares students for life in the real world. Not only will your career goals and aspirations become aligned, your service and commitment to community issues will also grow. Take a sneak peek at life as a debater here.

5. What kind of students can I expect to meet at DUDL?

All students have the potential to be a Great Debater! DUDL will afford you an opportunity to be a part of a competitive team that will represent your school in local, regional and possibly national competition.

6. What are the DUDL professors like?

Career debate educators  are extremely passionate about their professions, and even more so about their students. They are committed to the success of the program and seek to exemplify the leadership they pass on to participating debaters.

7. How is DUDL different from other after school and debate programs?

DUDL is a public-private partnership powered by an interactive, community service-focused curriculum that gives debaters “real world” experience in addressing social ills affecting their communities. As well, debaters are prepped early to pass standardize grade and college placement test with a unique tuturing program that reinforces 3rd dimensional learning.

8. What is competitive policy debate?

Debate is a structured competition, with procedures and rules designed to maximize educational value and competitive fairness. Because they must debate both sides of the resolution debaters cannot win by simply having a stronger viewpoint. Debaters cannot interrupt a speaker, therefore voice level, aggressiveness, and even raw eloquence cannot dominate a debate round.  Rather, debaters learn to understand and argue both sides of an issue, even if they personally favor one viewpoint. Debating is structured to provide a fair opportunity to win on either side of each issue, based primarily on the persuasiveness of logic, evidence and emotion presented.

Click here for a Glossary of Debate terminology >

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