Become a Judge!

Debate Judge Fred Wilson & Debate Judge Traine...
Image by Blacksonville Community Network via Flickr

Help a Public High School! Become a Debate Judge!

For struggling public schools around the country, people look for a way to make a difference. Judging a debate is one IMMEDIATE, TANGIBLE, EASY way to make a difference in the educational life of a young person. Students who are members of emerging debate teams need your help. To compete, they must have judges at the tournaments they attend. These adults, be they teachers, parents, college students, or community members, listen to arguments and give debaters feedback on their performance. In many ways, it is a revolutionary experience for both parties. High school students, used to directed instruction and tests, get a chance to voice their opinion and guide their own learning. Adults get individualized interactions with kids and a chance to help them develop their speaking, critical thinking, and organizational skills.

Click here (password is dudl) to obtain a copy of tournament information, general procedures, and a general schedule.

To sign up as a debate judge, please complete the form below.


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