College Apprenticeship

DUDL has available positions for college debate students who are currently in their junior or senior year  with at least one year of debate experience, who want to further develop their leadership and debate skills by working as apprentices to DUDL staff and alums. This gives youth who grow with the program an opportunity to have an immediate impact on the program by applying what they are learning in their roles as debate assistants.

For instance, the apprentices will assist designated mentors/coaches a local middle school debate team and organize public debate forums on issues impacting the city of Jacksonville while serving for a term of six months to one-year.  Apprentices will be taught debate styles and and instruction techniques through the process of coaching younger students the are of speech and debate. Additionally, apprentices will receive instruction on web design, digital literacy and marketing as an introduction to entrepreneurship. This apprenticeship requires a firm commitment of 2-4 hours a week after school and attendance at middle school Saturday tournaments once per month in the Spring.

To inquire about our Apprenticeship Program, please email us at info[at]

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