Debate: The best form of Talent Development


Talent Development is a very serious component for students participating in debate. Particularly those facing serious problems with attendance, discipline, achievement scores, and dropout rates. In the book, Sixty-five Programs That Develop Talent by Beverly N. Parke, it reads

Students involved in the debate process may have the opportunity to develop a number of skills that may well serve them throughout their lives. Debaters learn while engaging in the process to think critically about issues, research topics, organize their thoughts in a logical manner, present their ideas in a persuasive manner, speak confidently in front of others, work effectively with team members, and function within a competitive context.

It further reads that

Younger students are equally well served by learning to research topics, evaluate information assembled, develop arguments, work in teams and present arguments in a succinct and persuasive manner.  Absent of leagues, classroom debate is also a strong curricular choice.

The DUDL model includes organizational and management changes to establish a positive school climate; curricular and instructional innovations to prepare all students for high-level courses in math and English; parent and community involvement to encourage college awareness; and professional development to support the recommended reforms.

We will also seek to employ a future  Success Academy that provides intensive social support and academic support (doubling the amount of math and reading to help students get caught up) within the Turnaround Schools for the Fall 2009-2010 school year.

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