Community Debate Forum – Jacksonville

The purpose of the Community Debate Forum is to create dialogue around the holistic development of urban youth and the importance of a global education.

Two main themes of the event will touch on each point, as follows:

  1. Brenda Priestly-Jackson, keynote speaker, will highlight the future of education and how the community-at-large must alter our perspective on life to create effective change. Mrs. Priestly-Jackson will give us a snap shot of what education looks like in 2020.
  2. The panel will consists of various key figure heads who will share the significant roles they play in state and local government, as well as their perspective on the benefits of social services. On the other side of the panel, we have the Great Debaters, the majority of which are the recipients of social services.  Their role will be to discuss how debate has afforded them to analyze the Cons/Negatives of social services.

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One Response to “Community Debate Forum – Jacksonville”

  1. It is a delight to see education in the South embrace global programs. Debate will impact the state of Florida for years to come.

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