The Community Debate Council – A national student-led, citizen-centered, advisory council made up of the debate, speech and forensic community.

The sole purpose of the CDC is to provide leadership training, expand opportunities in speech and “debate across the curriculum”, and to offer direct support and referral services for students, parents, and educators. Debate creates wonderful opportunities for self-directed learning attractive to school administrators, parents, stakeholders and everyone involved.

The mission of the Community Debate Council (CDC) is to expand speech and policy debate programs throughout the state of Florida.  Florida colleges, faith-base institutions, and city officials have extended their endorsements to the Blacksonville Community Network and the CDC for the advancement of debate programs, board governance and fund development.  Members of the CDC, identify urban debate as a refreshing approach to engage young people in pertinent issues that impact community. As well, many corporations seek to leverage debate as a communication tool for their employees and boards.

We truly believe debate has the power to bridge cultural, academic, social, and generational gaps.

The goals of the CDC are:

  • To use debate as an effective advocacy tool within the community and the classroom;
  • To training urban students in competitive policy debate;
  • To provide access to career mentors and professionals who “connect” student performance and achievement in debate with successful academic, personal and career choices; and
  • To develop new leaders who desire to be change agents in their immediate community and beyond.
  • To expand speech and debate opportunities for young people to develop critical reading, writing, and speaking skills through intellectual competition,
  • To assist all people in becoming informed, articulate citizens and authentic leaders of their communities.

There are 12 members of the Community Debate Council who meet monthly to plan the course of action for DUDL. Each member was selected because of their passion for education, unique experiences and the skill sets they possess. Together, the board members represent a culturally diverse cross-section of college students, business leaders, educators, parents, and professionals, and youth development experts.

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