The Duval Urban Debate League (DUDL) is a public-private partnership operated by the Duval Urban Debate League Advisory Board, aka Community Debate Council of Jacksonville, a private group of civic and business leaders, and Duval County Public Schools (DCPS).

The DCSB, under the direction of Mr. Lawrence Dennis, cluster chief of Turnaround middle schools, will provide development funds for the pilot of Duval County’s first middle school debate league, the Duval Urban Debate League (DUDL). Seven local middle schools will kickoff the year rigorously training to compete in policy debate. A national movement that is sweeping universities, high schools and now, middle schools.

Goal – to introduce and measure innovative programs that positively impact a student’s character and academic capacity, particularly in reading and math.

Vision – To leverage debates unique ability to develop the whole child by reinforcing teacher instruction through thought-provoking classroom discussion, positive self-conceptualization and strong parental involvement inside and outside of the home. Our lesson plans are developed to appeal to a student or group of students diverse learning styles.

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